Tara McGillicuddy and ADDClasses.com have been a pleasure to work with. They do what they’re supposed to and make it easy to work with them. They have a well deserved reputation in the ADHD community for hosting interesting presenters covering important topics. Because they have earned an appreciative following, they attract large audiences which gives their presenters lots of exposure.

Dr. Ari Tuckman Dr. Ari Tuckman
Author and Psychologist

I have had the privilege to work with Tara on a variety of projects over the years, and it’s always been a pleasure! While she consistently brings quality content and value to the ADHD community, she’s also fun to work with and very professional. Tara runs her business and events in such an organized and professional way that it makes it easy for participants to bring their best. Whether it’s a podcast recording on ADHD Support Talk Radio, a teleclass or webinar at ADDClasses.com, or another event, everything I do with Tara increases my visibility, traffic to my website, and exposure for my business. And, did I mention that she’s fun to work with? I always look forward to collaborating with Tara, and encourage others to so as well. Thank you, Tara!

Lynne Edris Lynne Edris
Coaching ADDvanatages

Tara is a classic! !  Along with ADDClasses.com, ADHD Support Talk Radio, coaching and events like the ADHD Expo, Tara makes an ongoing a positive impact on the ADHD community and it is a pleasure to collaborate with her.  I know that whenever I am invited as a guest on her podcast my message will reach tens of thousands…that’s amazing!  With her “say it like it is” big heart and tenacious style, Tara sets herself apart as a leader in this community. As an ADHD professional she attracts large audiences, provides a valuable service and sets the bar for the rest of us!

Laurie Dupar Laurie Dupar
Coaching for ADHD

Tara McGillicuddy has helped my business in a number of meaningful ways.  When I do a class or radio show with her, my website traffic and newsletter registrations always increase.  The same goes for her annual ADHD Expo.  I also have the honor of teaching the Adult ADD Time Management Intensive.  Not only is this a strong revenue generator, but I also increase the number of prospects for my coaching practice whenever I teach the class.  I feel it is a privilege to work with Tara and encourage others to do the same!

Laura Rolands Laura Rolands
My Attention Coach

I have worked with Tara on a variety of AD/HD related projects over the years. She is an expert in the field- keeping up with the latest information- and is a kind and hardworking professional. In addition to her AD/HD work, she also has expertise with online technology. She has a big heart and doesn’t hesitate to help people who look to her for advice and guidance.

Terry Matlen Terry Matlen
ADD Consults

It has been a professional and personal pleasure to work with ADDClasses.com and ADHD Support Talk Radio. Founder and Director Tara McGillicuddy invites different speakers to present various topics in the field of ADHD. I am fortunate to be part of that invited network. I have received positive feedback from listeners all over the country who have heard me either on the talk radio, or who “attended” my webinar. This resource is a great way to extend myself to people all over the country, or world, with ADHD and share my knowledge with them. I look forward to future work with Tara.

Dr. Roberto Olivardia Dr. Roberto Olivardia
Author and Psychologist