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Crush Your ADHD Summit: Reboot. Reload. Reimagine

Ready to reboot, reload, and reimagine your future with ADHD?

Then please join the Crush Your ADHD Summit: Reboot. Reload. Reimagine held January 22-26, 2024 and hosted by Alan P. Brown!

This free virtual summit brings together 25 ADHD experts sharing proven, practical insights, strategies and free gifts for ADHD adults of all ages to:

  • Reboot with fresh perspectives to end the negative cycles we find ourselves in year after year.
  • Reload with an arsenal of new solutions that equip you to win more battles against procrastination, disorganization and overwhelm in the coming year.
  • Reimagine your future in ways you never thought possible.


Each day’s sessions are recorded, so you can watch them any time for up to 24 hours, and don’t forget — registration is FREE, so click HERE to register and reserve your seat.


There is truly something for everyone in this free virtual summit – and I think you’ll want to hear from many (if not all) of these great speakers. I am excited to talk with Alan about Supercharge Your Productivity with ADHD: Practical and Powerful Ways to Get Stuff Done on Day 5!


Here is the schedule:


Monday – January 22, 2024

  • Empower Your ADHD Teen: Unlock the Secrets to Swiftly Turning in Missing Assignments with Kelly Biltz
  • How to Reboot after Burnout with Brendan Mahan
  • Can I Have Your Attention? Productivity Strategies for the ADHD Brain with Leslie Josel
  • Why Your Follow-Through Fizzles: How to Complete Projects and Reach Your Goals with Bonnie Mincu
  • How to Finish Your Next Creative Project with Roxanne Jarrett


Tuesday – January 23, 2024

  • Beyond Diets, Exercise, and Sleep: New Self-Care Hacks! with Terry Matlen
  • ADHD: Obvious Things That Are Getting in Your Way with Jeff Copper
  • Secrets to Stop Losing Your Stuff! with Dana Rayburn
  • Closing the Gap: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be! with Laurie Dupar
  • How to Get Muggles (eg Neurotypicals) to Understand ADHD More & Judge It Less with Elaine Taylor-Klaus and Diane Dempster

Wednesday – January 24, 2024

  • Give Time Blocking A Second Chance with Nikki Kinzer
  • Rewiring Your Brain to Overcome Obstacles and Create Amazing New Results with Alma Galvan
  • The Garden Story: Transforming Your Life with ADHD with Rudy Rodriguez
  • Good Enough is Better than Perfect with Dr. Sharon Saline
  • Goal Setting for Success – How to Crush Your 2024, From Start to Follow Through with Caren Magill


Thursday – January 25, 2024

  • Creating Systems and Structures that Last! with Juli Shulem
  • Unlock Endless Motivation: How to Feel Motivated Anytime with Aron Croft
  • 3 Steps to Optimize Your ADHD Brain for Peak Performance All Day Long with Linda Walker
  • From Busy to Productive: Get off the Hamster Wheel and Do What Really Matters Without Working More with Lynne Edris
  • Slow Down & Be Present: How to Ease into 2024 for Sustainable Goal Achievement with Patricia Sung


Friday – January 26, 2024

  • Go Retro to Capture, Prioritize & Organize All Your Brilliant ADHD Ideas (plus more) with Linda Roggli
  • Five Ways Your Relationships Unlock Your ADHD Superpowers with Anita Robertson
  • Supercharge Your Productivity with ADHD: Practical and Powerful Ways to Get Stuff Done with Tara McGillicuddy
  • Always Playing Catch-up? Take Control with Simple Mindset Shifts with Julie Kliers 
  • The No-Willpower Formula For Staying Fit with Kristin Galbreaith

The CRUSH YOUR ADHD Summit runs from January 22-26, 2024, so don’t wait – register now!


Jan 22 - 26 2024


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  • Date: Jan 22 - 26 2024
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